the one where summer disappeared.

can someone please explain to me how it is august already?

just yesterday, it was march, and i was in tampa visiting some dear friends.

just yesterday, it was april, and i was celebrating 19 years as a christ-follower and 3 years as a covenant member of the summit and planning our Spring Banquet.

just yesterday, it was may, and i was preparing for my summer interns to arrive and celebrating my dad’s birthday/

just yesterday, it was june, and i was re-learning how to manage people (i haven’t been a boss in several years) and making katie watch pitch perfect for the first time in her life before she left for romania.

just yesterday, it was july … and i was saying goodbye to my granny. she woke up in heaven on july 25, and i’m pretty sure jesus’ first words to her (after ‘welcome home, child. well done!’) were ‘finally! ruby irene, i’ve been waiting for you to come home cause i sure love your collards!’ my granny was a sassy woman who loved jesus and her grands with all her might (which was considerable for such a small person!, constantly had her hands in the earth, and made the best durn spoon bread you ever put in your mouth. i miss her.


but today, it is august. we bought an antenna (hello and thank you, amazon prime now) so that we could watch the olympics, and can i just say that the ladies of team usa are making me so proud to be an american! and michael phelps just won his 21st olympic medal … what a time to be alive. i’ve cheered on #teamusa, gotten hopping mad about the insane amounts of sexism in the olympics (no, katie ladecky does not swim like a man- she swims like katie freaking ladecky), and googled ways to hide all election ads from the rest of my whole life. oh, and i’ve lived in north carolina for 5 whole years now!

do you ever wake up and look at the calendar in disbelief? i’m tired of doing that, so i’m trying to learn some new rhythms. so i made some life-schedule changes- i don’t write much, but i’m almost finished with book #30 so far this year. i took the summer off from leading my small group, but have been able to do more one on one discipleship. i took a break from serving at my church, but sleep more and find myself so eager to attend services on the weekends that i can hardly stand it. i took a break from twitter, and it was the worst thing i ever did. i’m back now, twitter!

fewer people, deeper relationships. less driving, more reading. less bustle, more pup-snuggles. less waving, more hugging. less stress, more fro-yo. less me, more spirit. and always more coffee.


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