the one where i’m getting old.

2016 is the year that i’ll turn 34. i think this is the point where i have to say i’m in my ‘mid-thirties’ instead of my ‘early thirties’ … yikes.

turning 33 in 2015 wasn’t so bad- several of my close girlfriends also turned 33 last year, so we christened it ‘the year of our Lord’ (since the popular opinion is that Jesus was 33 when he died) and call it #YOOL because we’re hilarious like that.

yesterday morning, i had a hair appointment … and it left me feeling like i should be 65 instead of 33. here’s how it went down:

first things first. my usual salon is this amazing place downtown- the Junction. (seriously, go see Megan Perry and tell her i sent you!) but i’ve been growing my hair out to perm it again (old woman thing #1), and no one at the junction does perms. apparently their usual clientele doesn’t request them … but one of the other stylists stepped in to save the day! she recommended and gave me info for a stylist at another salon who did great perms. well, the salon was jcpenney. nothing wrong with that- i used to get my hair done there when i taught preschool, but that was about 12 years ago. and i’m pretty sure it’s a popular salon with my granny’s friends. well, ok … i called and made the appointment.

i show up yesterday, and am the only person under 45 in the whole place. there were three stylists and three clients (and the other two clients had each brought a friend … possibly their mothers?), so there were 8 of us … me and a group of old ladies. all three of us clients were getting perms, so we all got high together- just me and my old lady pals. i was also informed that none of these stylists had ever given someone under the age of 50 a perm before. alrighty then.

sitting at home last night (alone, cuddled up with the dog because that’s what single people do), i got sucked into a vortex of cuteness and followed 13 different dog accounts on instagram.

at least i’m not at risk of becoming a cat lady?


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