the one where 2015 is over

2015, you were a pretty good year.

my roommates and i started hosting monthly dinners in our home in march- having friends and food around our table on a regular basis has been one of the best things we’ve ever done.

i learned to play settlers of catan. (not sure whether this should go under good things that happened, or things that will eventually ruin my life …)

my internship at summit allowed me to attend the gospel coalition conference in orlando in april. my inner nerd was so happy!!!! (i was also the only woman there who dared to wear shorts one day)

i started a new job at the end of april. this job isn’t something i ever thought i’d do … it is very challenging, but i love it! those years of waiting for God to move have borne fruit.

my friend martha moved to raleigh in may! she and i have been friends since fall of ’07- so thankful to have her close by again!

our family went to the beach again in june- i came back with a slight tan and having read 9 books in 7 days. we ate ice cream every day and i found a good coffee shop on the island. #priorities

sarah and i celebrated a year with our sweet pup! penny is now 3 years old, and such a spoiled rotten girl. we’re besotted.

i had purple hair for a month! then i had blue hair for a month! (true confession … i LOVED it.)

i turned 33. (maybe the hair was my mid-life crisis?)

I WENT TO INDIA! for 16 days! i ate food that i can’t pronounce, used a squatty potty on a moving train, taught a discipleship class to a group of church planters, and left part of my heart in an orphanage in hyderabad.

i read lots of great stuff this year. here’s some posts i enjoyed, and a link to the list of books i will admit to reading.

this barn-burner from scott sauls: the best and worst ways to take a moral stand

Taking up a cross…the radical, self-giving love kind that Jesus spoke about…was a deadly endeavor in the Roman Empire. Eleven of Jesus’ twelve disciples died as martyrs because they took up a cross, having assumed on themselves all of the costs, risks, and inconveniences of love.

The early church also understood that love did not guarantee their safety. To the contrary, sometimes love threatened their safety.

books i read in 2015:
bye felicia.

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