monday monday.

am i the only one who likes mondays?!?

monday cheer, in the form of the things i’m obsessing about right now:

  • some stuff we covered in the last week of the old testament class i’m teaching- we talked about malachi 3, and the fact that God keeps a ‘book of remembrances’- a diary! of the good things we say about him; our vocalized affections for him.  that chapter goes on to talk about the fact that those who speak well of the Lord and obey him are viewed as ‘treasured possessions’- the KJV uses the term jewels to illustrate how valued we are when we are loving, obedient children of God. that term is also used in exodus 19, where Israel is told that if they keep his covenant, God will consider them his treasured possession, even though he has all the peoples of the earth to choose from. holy crap … boomsauce.
  • this song: whoa. i listen to this song on repeat just about every day.
  • this funny video: sweet lobster babies!
  • skyping with my sister and my best friend. hallelujah for technology!

carry on.

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  1. kelsey...the valiant

    nom nom nom nom kelsey’s! miss you.

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