top 10 [episode 8]: things i found while packing … that i forgot i owned.

i’m in the middle of packing my life into boxes for the big move next weekend … a daunting task to say the least! and i’m also going through the boxes that didn’t get unpacked from the last move, and finding some treasures or at least things i’d forgotten i had.

  1. silicone cooking bands. you’d use them in place of twine when making a stuffed roast or something.  mine are hot pink (not because i like pink, but because that color was 50% off at bed, bath and beyond when i bought them).  i’ve used them a couple of times and they are awesome!
  2. the entire anne of green gables series. i want to read all 8 of them again right now! i’ve had to pack all of my books already so that i don’t get distracted :/
  3. the mix cd my sister and i made for the summer of 2006. i’m too embarrassed to tell you what some of the songs were … and thankful that my taste has evolved from then.
  4. a poem my dad wrote me for my 27th birthday.  he is famous for his terrible ‘roses are red’ poems …. only his are ‘roses is red’ poems.  but its part of his overall charm 🙂 my dad’s handwriting is atrocious, so he doesn’t write much. i cherish the few handwritten notes i have 🙂
  5. my change jar! i’ve been dropping pennies in a teacup this year so i had some change to add.  its getting fuller, but it will still be awhile before its worth it to cash it in.
  6. my phone from 3 years ago …. the little sprint flip phone that i used for 4 years! no charger though. why on earth did i keep that!?
  7. the title to the car i had before this one. i couldn’t find it when i sold the car, so we had to get a new one.  that was … 3 years ago? oops.
  8. one of martha’s thailand dresses … in case you’re reading this, i AM returning it before i move 🙂 thanks for letting me borrow it back then … whenever that was.
  9. my first seminary old testament exam … you know, the one i got a 96% on? yeah, i’m keeping that.
  10. picture albums from summers at word of life.  i used to have REALLY bad haircuts.  thankful for the memories, and thankful that bad hair is only a memory! life is too short for crappy haircuts.

i got boxes from the ABC store so that they would all be sturdy and roughly the same size … but now my house looks like we host keggers every night of the week.  you win some, you lose some.

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