i got a job today! i start working @ magnolia foods on tuesday. bring it.

had to have my nose re-pierced last night … hurt like a mother. note to self: don’t take the nose ring out. ever.

loved getting to lave coffee w/lynds yesterday! sweet friend makes me laugh every time.

byrd and i did 5 miles on blackwater monday morning … i need to do that more often.

brentwood’s new site is at jefferson forest high school … booyah! i heart my church and its commitment to doing what it takes to bring the gospel to the lynchburg area.

i adore my new house. end of story.

my roomies bought nerf guns on saturday, so we ambush each other regularly and are trying to find the best sniper spots in our house. yes, we’re all 8 years old.

chick-fil-a makes everything better.

college life starts monday! i couldn’t be more excited … its going to be an unforgettable semester.

my mom is boss.

my community group ladies are among my top 10 best blessings.


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2 responses to “twitter-esque

  1. suweet. congrats on the new job!

  2. J. Carlos Lagares

    Congrats on your new job Sam!

    Nose piercing…My sister had to do the same thing! But I don’t think it hurt her as bad.

    Brentwood’s new site: That sounds exciting. What a beautiful thing to be a part of! My prayers for the ministry there.


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