top 10 [episode 7]: favorite things to do while unemployed

its been 5 months and some change since i posted a top 10. that is both criminal and uncalled for …. so without further ado- my favorite things to do while i’m unemployed:

  1. sleep. duh. this is hibernation weather, people!
  2. read the entire ‘hunger games trilogy’ in two days. click here to see book 1 on amazon. (true confession: yes, i read juvenile fiction. sometimes it makes me think more than normal adult fiction. this is one series i’d recommend to just about anyone.) i got the first book for christmas from my sister stephanie and borrowed the other two from my sister sarah … she may not be getting them back.
  3. cook for my roommates. since c has been house-sitting for most of the week, a and i enjoyed my killer quesadillas on monday night, and “the best salad in the world” on tuesday night. maybe i’ll post the recipe for that salad later … if you’re lucky. (side note: is there really such a thing as a recipe for a salad? anyway.)
  4. watch entire seasons of criminal minds. thankfully a is as addicted as i am, so i don’t have to sit and drool over shemar moore, matthew gray gubler, and thomas gibson by myself like a loser/creeper. can you blame me?
  5. paint frames and chalkboard ugly pictures so i can decorate my house! my sweet friend amanda (see her blog here) came over the other day and helped me paint stuff. good work and great company 🙂
  6. trying new drinks at starbucks. since we’re not getting internet at our new place (its a recession, people!), i’ve been trekking to starbucks every day to have a hot cup of something yummy and do work.  i am still teaching a couple of classes online so there IS work to be done! i’ve been stuck on a ‘grande 4 pump white mocha 2 pump peppermint with room americano’ and hazelnut misto forever.
  7. watching the intersection of main and commerce from my kitchen window. i’ve definitely gotten stuck more than once this week just leaning on the door watching it get dark. i heart living downtown!
  8. catching up with friends as they trickle back in for school  … and laughing when they have to go buy books. i’m so over that.
  9. researching whether or not its a good idea to stay with verizon, even though they get the iphone 4 the same day my contract renews. hmmmm ……
  10. see how many times teecy and i can email back and forth in one day. between being in the same community group and her directing host teams, there’s been alot of conversation this week. there are some big goings on at brentwood that get revealed THIS SUNDAY!!! i’m sort of a big deal, so i already know … but its awesome, and you should come find out whats going on!


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2 responses to “top 10 [episode 7]: favorite things to do while unemployed

  1. Candace

    i miss you! Uhm Ahem- can i enjoy some of this Best salad ever ASAP!

  2. you forgot to add ‘blogging about unemployment’.

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