my face hurts.

negative title, positive connotation.  my face does hurt, but its just sore cheek syndrome from smiling so freaking much in the last two weeks!  here’s the rundown:

  • my scholarship work got reassigned, so instead of sitting at the front desk, i now get to be useful.  i also get to work with one of my favorite people … and even though i am back to staring at spreadsheets all day, at least i know it means something.
  • i stinkin love my old testament class. the end.
  • i’m 6 for 6 so far in the ‘renew40’ challenge that matt gave last week at church … which means that i’ve been able to spend 25 minutes or more each day digging into the Word.  i’ve been in ephesians, matthew, psalms, and …. you guessed it- deuteronomy.  (no, i’m not a presbyterian.  if you work in the CMT you’ll get that joke.) don’t hate, i just happen to love the pentateuch.
  • i got a free book in the mail.  evidently anne jackson and someone from her publisher saw my review of immanuel’s veins last week and saw that i wanted a copy of ‘permission to speak freely’ … so they contacted me and sent me one. holler.  i’ve been able to read the first 15 pages or so and LOVE it.
  • i also got donald miller’s ‘through painted deserts’ (although i still haven’t finished ‘father fiction’ or ‘searching for god knows what’ yet … getting pretty close on both though! i just never want to be ‘miller-less’) and john sailhamer’s book on the pentateuch as narrative.  yes, i am officially a geek. [*i purchased these books …. no one gave them to me 😦 booooo.]
  • i went to the beach for a few days with a bunch of awesome people from my church …. we had amazing houses in corolla, and hung out, and played games, and cooked, and talked about living with integrity.  dang gina …. it was awesome.  there’s alot i could say just about that weekend, but i’m pulling a luke 2:19 on that one.
  • i’ve been able to hang out with a few of the sweet ladies i met on that retreat- i love getting to know new girlfriends! you can never have too big or too great of a community around you, so i don’t turn down friends 🙂 i’ve also been able to hang out with and get to know a few of the guys from that group- they’re awesome too!
  • college life has begun! holy crap. again with the being able to write a whole post just about college life and how excited i am about it … but again about pulling a luke 2:19. we meet for the second time on monday night … i’m beyond stoked.
  • grouplink was this past tuesday, and i’m now officially in a community group! i’m really excited about getting to know these ladies and growing as we live alongside each other and dig deeper into the Word.  again …. dang gina.
  • last night, several friends got together to help another friend do some painting in his house.  8 people i think … and we painted, laughed, talked, and ate goodies. that, my friends, is community. love this stuff.
  • my grandparents were in this weekend, so after getting up at the butt-crack of dawn (or 7:20 am) to go cheer for some friends running the VA 10-Miler (ahem), i went apple picking with my parents, grandparents, and sister junie.  we went to gross’ orchard out in bedford, and then had a picnic on the parkway. GORGEOUS day for it … and i came back with enough apples to bake a delicious homemade apple cake. um, yes please. we also celebrated my mom’s birthday (finally! it was august 5, but dad was in the hospital that week) with dinner and gifts 🙂 i made lasagna (which was pronounced as good as my mothers, and officially good enough for ‘man-hunting’ … yeah, ok) and my sister made coconut lime cookie bars.  yeah, that jank was delish. like whoa. we gave mom a digital picture frame (loaded with cute pictures of ourselves, of course), which she is super excited about.  she’s such a blessing and a fun person to spoil.
  • dad got the bill from his 10 day stay at the hospital at Wake Forest … over $68 grand BEFORE the insurance kicked in.  guess how much after the insurance did their thing? go ahead … take a wild guess. its more than $2 and less than you’re thinking.  $174.00 … that’s it.  two surgeries, lots of drugs, 10 days of nursing care, and lots of patience … God is good. He’s really really really really good.

can you tell why my face hurts?


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2 responses to “my face hurts.

  1. Dang Sam! This review could have been spread over 3 months and still made your face hurt. I’m glad I got to be a part of a couple of these, makes me happy too.

  2. Hey that’s all good news. I got a free copy of “Speak Freely” and got to meet Anne a couple of months ago. Great stuff. I know you’ll enjoy her book.
    Oh, and if Acuff won’t come to VA to speak, I have no problem cleaning up the crumbs he leaves behind. 🙂

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