#shortnotes (a response to tall-ness)

so the other day, my friend kevin decides to clue all of us in on the many hardships that he’s faced as a tall person.  he did this in a series of tweets and then compiled all the notes on his blog.  it made for a pretty entertaining read, i must admit … but being short has its own woes. consider this post a response to his list …..

  1. i can almost never find pants that are the right length on the rack.  praise the lord for online shopping! and thank you american eagle for carrying ‘short’ sizes.
  2. we have to roll up the sleeves to everything because our arms are just as short as our legs.
  3. everyone assumes we wear heels because we want to be taller.
  4. tall people like to use us for armrests.
  5. wet hems. i’m convinced they’re straight from satan.
  6. we can’t reach anything.  do you have any idea how many times i’ve gotten caught looking like an idot because i’ve climbed shelves in the grocery store, trying to reach the last whatever-it-is that would be on the tippy top shelf?!
  7. we need stepladders in the event that we ride around with people who drive pickups.  this happens to be all the time … and while i love the guy and love the truck, it gets old having to take a flying leap to get in the front seat.  and then having to rappel out.
  8. my feet rarely touch the floor in any chair …. unless its a kid’s chair. this includes in airplanes, at church, in class ….
  9. i was not tall enough to ride roller coasters until i was 16. i still don’t like talking about it.
  10. we have to sprint to keep up with anyone over 6 feet tall.  your one step is like 5 of mine.
  11. children assume we’re one of them. which could be a good thing- i love looking younger than i am, thanksverymuch- but getting mistaken for a middle schooler isn’t cool.

however …. i actually happen to enjoy being short! so here’s a few reasons why:

  1. short people can fold themselves into a chair 15 different ways and still be comfortable.
  2. we are just so huggable 🙂 we fit perfectly into almost any hug.
  3. i can wear three inch heels and still be short enough to make almost any guy feel tall.
  4. buying skirts is pretty easy- those mini’s you can’t wear because you’re 5’6″ are perfectly modest on me 🙂
  5. people naturally offer to reach things for us … usually.
  6. its a very handy go-to excuse for just about anything.
  7. we always have more than enough room if we have to sit in the backseat, or on planes.
  8. we have cute little hands and feet.
  9. finding comfy clothes is easy- regular sweats are too long and too big, so they’re perfect!

did i miss anything on either end of the spectrum?  what are your thoughts on this?


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3 responses to “#shortnotes (a response to tall-ness)

  1. Kevin

    BRILLIANT. Laughed audibly with #6 & #7. Glass I wasn’t drinking anything…

  2. thank you for making me laugh this morning! great wordiness! 😀 #7 definitely go me.

  3. Bliss Spillar

    But armrests are so convenient when they are your friends 🙂

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