top 10 [episode 6]: best breakfast foods

soooo its been a (little) while since i did a ‘top 10’ feature. there are some pretty good reasons for that (please see the last 4 blog posts!) but its also because i’ve not been in the mood to have to think about writing funny stuff. but i’m back!

its currently 9:55 am and i’m sitting at my desk wishing i’d remembered to buy milk so that i could have cereal this morning. i’m also wishing i’d gotten up early enough to make a bagel/coffee run before work. i’m also wishing i still lived at home so my mom would make me pancakes in the shape of my initials. but seriously, i’m wishing that i had some breakfast. which brings me to the topic of today’s post …. the best breakfast foods of all time.  enjoy! (and try not to salivate all over your keyboard at work)

  1. crepes.  fresh ones, made by my ‘other mama’- a sassy french-canadian woman who means business. serve those puppies up with fresh strawberries and blueberries … sprinkle some powdered sugar …. top with just a smidge (ok, who are we kidding … half the can!) of whipped cream and you’ve got a little taste of french heaven.
  2. cinnamon crunch bagels from panera.  i know, they’re kind of basic- but they get me every time. sliced and toasted with plenty of plain cream cheese … yes please!
  3. my hashbrown casserole. not to toot my own horn, but …. its freaking delicious. warm, creamy, with a touch of cheese, butter, and salt …. you know what? i want to make some this weekend.  call me, we’ll do brunch.
  4. my dad’s french toast.  he uses french bread so that its thick and hearty.  with a touch of cinnamon baked in, topped with fresh peaches …. sigh.
  5. bacon. the end. well i guess i should tell you that the best bacon i’ve ever had was made by my friend drew …. please see post from last december’s snowstorm. but that bacon …. yummo!
  6. omelets. eggs, milk, fresh spinach, some diced tomato, feta, and some crumpled bacon (there we are again with bacon! see- i told you!) makes goodness.
  7. let’s not forget the omelet’s awesome cousin, the quiche!  i’ve never had a quiche i didn’t like. dang gina. this is something i’m going to master by christmas …. anyone want to volunteer for taste-testing duty?
  8. cereal. classic.  i could do an entire post on the best cereals! i heart cereal. light, filling, delicious. and often filled with fiber. good on all counts!
  9. pancakes. love me some buckwheat pancakes with a smidge of butter and just a touch of maple syrup. simple is good, people.
  10. i’m sorry if you disagree, but i’m listing chocolate milk as a breakfast food. that’s not to say that i don’t drink it any time of day (cause i do), but i do drink it 4 out of 5 workday mornings for breakfast. my co-workers make fun of me …. can’t a 27 year old twenty-something girl just enjoy her chocolate milk? sheesh!  its the only way i like chocolate, and it means i’m getting my daily recommended amount of calcium. i attribute my good skin and strong bones to the fact that i drink 22 oz of milk just about every day. so take that!

did i miss anything? it goes without saying (or at least it should if you know me at all) that coffee is on this list. although since coffee isn’t as filling as milk, i don’t know if it would make the ‘food’ list … but still, coffee is unspeakably dear to my little heart.

crap. now i’m REALLY hungry.

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