the weekend in review

saturday morning … and my first starbucks run since wednesday. not sure how i survived this long, but lovin the taste of that soy-grande-iced-doubleshot-sub caramel-sub white mocha.  ahhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

dad had surgery yesterday morning on his ankle- he was scheduled for 7am and told us not to come see him before he went in.  so mom and i slept in til 7ish, and when we hadn’t heard from him by then, we knew he had gone in as scheduled.  we drove to the hospital and checked in at the surgical waiting room.  i attempted to get started on some grading (praise God for hospital wi-fi!) but mom and i ended up having a great conversation about the way that God uses circumstances in our lives.  she’s been reading beth moore’s book ‘breaking free’ about forgiveness and letting go of past hurts- giving them to God to use so that he can be glorified in them.  an amazing thing is that none of us really have felt bitter or angry about the events of the last week!  discouraged, yes …. uncertain, definitely …. overwhelmed, absolutely.  but we’ve watched the lord work so often and seen him ‘come through in the clutch’ so many times that we have never doubted that his hand is at work here.  whether he caused dad’s accident directly or simply allowed it as part of dad’s story (and our family’s story)- all things come from God’s hand.  and if it comes from God’s hand, we can trust it.  we can know that nothing surprises him, we can know that he’s already prepared the way and gone before us, and that he can see the end game and know its outcome.

ok sorry … rabbit trail.  back to surgery! the receptionist told us that he ended up going in at about 815.  around 1030 his surgeon (dr. teasdall) came out to let us know that he was finished and to tell us how everything went.  he ended up having to put quite a bit of hardware in- a plate and some screws- so between the two surgeries, dad will have to have one of those ‘i-have-lots-of-metal-in-me’ cards for airport security.  but the doc was very pleased with how the operation went and said he was confident that it would heal well.  dad got back to his room around noon and was much more lucid than he had been last week after ankle surgery.  the OR people got him set up and mom fed him his lunch; then he fell asleep (big surprise 🙂 ).  his leg is wrapped in about an inch and a half of cotton and then a hard ace bandage until they put the hard cast on- so its about one and a half times its normal size and pretty funny looking! he woke up around 130 and asked me where mom’s birthday flowers were.  [i was supposed to pick up a dozen roses on my way down thursday, but the hullabaloo of getting everything else together and bringing junie with me last minute … i forgot 😦 ]  he told me it was really important to him that she get the flowers, so i left to find a store and get flowers and a vase.  when i came back, the hamel’s were here- they had stopped in on their way home from the beach!  they stayed for about an hour and a half and brought us some goodies- various sweets and some magazines.  we all enjoyed their visit, but dad went back to sleep as soon as they left.

he’s been eating pretty well, and can feed himself some things.  the neck brace makes it difficult to feed himself anything that isn’t solid, so mom and i are getting to help with lots of things. i fed him his cereal this morning- he handled the eggs and potatoes on his own.  then we trimmed his beard again- mom had butchered it the other day in an attempt to keep it from sticking out of the neck brace …. it was looking interesting.  his nurse came in and took the brace off and supervised as i trimmed things up with a pair of clippers.  dad said its more comfortable now, and it doesn’t look too bad.  we’re just happy it will grow back 🙂

its sounding like dad will get his hard cast put on his leg sometime on monday.  he’ll get some physical therapy the same day so they can know how mobile he is, and he will probably get to come home on tuesday.  that’s what we’re hoping for … mom and dad are both more than ready to be back in their own house.  dad has had excellent care and some fantastic nurses, doctors, and other attendants; and mom has been staying with the sharp’s about 10 minutes away (ivy’s aunt and uncle- sweet people! they’ve been an awesome encouragement and a huge blessing)- but we are all ready to be back in lynchburg.

things we’re thankful for right now:

  • surgery proceeding as scheduled
  • being able to have the same surgeon as last week
  • good recovery so far
  • all the visits, calls, and cards!
  • the great nurses that have been assigned to dad
  • dad’s good spirits
  • some men from mom&dad’s sunday school class at church have offered to donate materials and build dad a ramp for the house
  • a comfortable place for mom to stay nearby
  • God working in all the details!

things we’re praying for right now:

  • that the swelling continues to go down so that the cast goes on as scheduled
  • that his other injuries continue to heal properly
  • that the details for getting him home will continue to work out
  • for dad to continue to be a blessing to his nurses and other attendants
  • that he will be able to wean himself off his meds- he’s not a huge fan of lots of pills and shots 🙂

uncle brian and aunt angie are here now (dad’s younger brother & wife) visiting from roanoke.  they are alot of fun and i know dad loves having them here.  he’s in alot of pain right now as they are having to play with his meds again, figuring out dosages and stuff after the second surgery, so having them here is a good distraction.

i’m heading home after lunch … over and out. love you guys! thanks for reading and praying.

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