dad on thursday, and happy birthday mom!

i’m sitting here next to my father in his hospital bed …. he’s eating dinner and we’re watching the food network. (as if this family would be watching anything else!)  its mom’s birthday today, so junie and i made her a cake and brought it to surprise her 🙂  dad insists on sharing it with all the nurses and other staff who come in to see him so he’s the most popular patient on his floor- big surprise!

he said today has been good and bad.  he took a ride in his wheelchair around the floor he’s on and was able to get up on his own to move around the room.  but being in the bed for the last few days has made all the bruises he got really come out, so he’s really sore.  surgery is slated for 7am tomorrow, give or take an hour of so. he’s pretty tired today- he said its been a hard day physically.

he called last night to talk to me about mom’s birthday surprises, and we ended up talking for 45 minutes or so.  i had been sitting on the floor in the living room at their house, comforting the dog during the thunderstorm and just praying out loud.  we both ended up crying, just emotional over the things god’s been up to the last few days.  some guys from their sunday school class offered to donate the materials and build him a ramp for the deck stairs at the house; he heard from HR at work about his insurance and disability stuff; got alot of paperwork started for all the insurance hoops; one of the pastors from their church drove down to visit him; and he’s had lots of time to think and pray.  so have i, incidentally- driving 5 hours round trip 4 times gives me lots of time to talk stuff out with the lord.  i’m embarrassed to say that i’m still surprised when he ‘comes through’ and shows up.  there’s been example after example of his faithfulness and grace to us in the last few days, and we are all simply overwhelmed.

mom is celebrating her birthday today in the hospital …. obviously not our first choice, but she is such a trooper and is making the best of it.  we brought her the cake and some cards with the promise of a proper celebration when we get home and settled into our new normal.  i can’t way enough about how much i love my mom and how incredible of a blessing she is in my life (and the lives of just about everyone around her).  i’m already emotional, and if i keep talking about this i’m likely to lose it.  but we’re so thankful and so excited to see what god’s got up his sleeve for the next few days.  thanks for praying- your prayers, phone calls, and visits have been manna to us.

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  1. Ashleigh Bicevskis

    Love you so much Sam! I am praying for your dad today!

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