dad as of wednesday morning

went down last night to see dad again- this time our ‘sister’ stephanie came too! she drove down from harrisonburg and then we hit the road.  we got a late start so we ended up getting there in time to say hey, give dad hugs, and leave before we got kicked out as visiting hours ended.  met up with aaron frey (remember him from high school!? crazy!) and grabbed dinner before heading north again.  i’m beginning to see that stretch of 29 in my sleep.

the doctors had decided yesterday to operate on dad’s ankle this morning at 6am.  the plan was for me to drive back down around noon today- after arranging to have some furniture moved around to help with dad’s return home- so i could be there when he came out of recovery.  but mom called this morning to say that the doctor postponed the surgery because they found fracture blisters on dad’s leg under the splint.  the blisters have been drained and are fine; but we’re hearing mixed reports on when the surgery will be.  we’ve heard friday morning (which was the original plan) and getting to come home saturday or sunday; but as of this afternoon, the possibility of doing the surgery on an outpatient basis was introduced as a serious option.  if that turns out the be the case, we still don’t know when he would be released, but he would have to go back for the surgery next friday.  we’re asking and praying for the surgery to occur this friday morning.  it makes the length of hospital stay good for insurance purposes and means that he doesn’t have to travel more than once.  we’re so ready for him to be home.

as of right now i’m driving back down tomorrow and staying til dad is released.  we have the house rearranged so that he can maneuver with crutches or a walker, and i know mom is ready to be back in her house.  mom’s birthday is tomorrow, so drop her an email, facebook message or text wishing her a happy birthday!  i hate that she’s having to celebrate in the hospital 😦  but she’s such a trooper!

i can’t say it enough: thank you for your prayers- and keep them coming!  we feel them, and we know that God is at work through them.  we are stressed but resting in the knowledge that God wasn’t surprised by any of this- or any of the other things that are happening in our lives right now.  he’s good, and he has a plan that will glorify him and be for our best.  he sure sees things differently than i do sometimes, but he’s shown over and over again that he does what he promises- and he’s shown over and over that he loves us.  those things are enabling us to trust him and choose to see his hand all over this.

thanks for reading and praying.  we love you!

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