update on dad (as of monday night)

most of you have heard by now, whether through twitter or facebook or word of mouth- about the recent excitement in our family.

i got a text from my sister friday night that nearly stopped my heart- i was in a movie with a couple of friends when my sister told me that our dad wrecked his motorcycle.   he & mom and their best friends had gone for an overnight trip on the parkway.  after they got to their cabin, dad & his friend went to the store on their bikes to get some groceries.  dad somehow lost control of his bike on the way home (maybe on a curve? he’s still not sure exactly) and ended up tumbling about 40 feet down (and 120 feet out) an embankment.  he was thrown off the bike and landed about 25 feet from it.  thankfully he never lost consciousness and was able to drag himself over to the bike and honk the horn to alert his friend to his location.  the ambulance came quickly and took him to the hospital in mt.airy; after the initial x-rays they transferred him to the trauma unit at wake forest.

mom and sarah and i played phone tag most of the night as we tried to keep up with news on dad and decide when to leave to come to the hospital, so no one ended up sleeping much.  sarah and i left around 11am to head down to winston-salem and arrived around 130.

i won’t go into the details with all the emotions we’re (well, mostly me) experiencing the last few days.  dad’s prognosis is looking pretty good, albeit interesting.  he fractured a vertebrae in his neck, so he’s in a neck brace for probably the next six weeks.  he hasn’t complained of pain from that injury, so the doctors aren’t terribly worried about it; because of where it is, they can’t do anything surgically for it.  he broke both bones in his left (the tibia and the fibula) and has multiple fractures around his left knee and ankle.  they operated on his knee on saturday morning and had to put an L-shaped plate in.  the ankle is still too swollen to operate on- they did more x-rays today and we’re waiting to hear about those results.  we’re hoping they can do that surgery tuesday or wednesday, and then he should be able to come home two or three days after the operation.  he also re injured his hand (he had an accident at work last spring) and  fractured some smaller bones there, so they put a cast on that last night.  he’s in pretty good spirits,  calling all the nurses “honey” and enjoying being waited on hand and foot.  we had to trim his beard this evening so that it wasn’t sticking up out of the neck brace …. it looks like mom tried to scalp him, so no pictures of that 🙂 luckily, he doesn’t have any trouble growing facial hair!

we’re so thankful for so much right now- obviously not the least of these things is that he’s even still alive.  we all have lost or know someone who has lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident.  dad’s friend was able to flag someone down to help him get the ambulance; they also let mom borrow their truck so they all could get to the hospital.  when sarah and i got to the hospital saturday afternoon, there were already other friends around mom so she wasn’t having to wait alone.  the friends they were traveling with have relatives in the winston-salem area who offered mom their guest room, so we’re not having to worry about a hotel or anything.  sarah had some time off work and has been able to stay down here with mom; i’ve been able to come back and forth and take care of details here at home.

i’ll keep updating as we know more, but in the meantime- thanks so much for your prayers! its always a blessing to know we’re surrounded by the body of christ, but it is a comfort especially now.

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