top 10 [episode 5]: reasons my dad is awesome.

yesterday was father’s day. for one day, dads everywhere were celebrated for all they do, and who they are in the lives of their kids.  i can’t remember a time when i wasn’t “my father’s daughter” or when i haven’t at least been thankful for him- he’s been a good awesome dad these 27+ years.  my earliest memories are of him.  if you know him, you’ll know the stories behind some of these ‘reasons’, and if you don’t know him, you’ll wish you did by the time you’re done reading this.

  1. my earliest memory (of all time, and of my father both) involves a hardware store … me clutching dad’s hand while he picks out nails or screws or bolts or something, him letting me carry a few of them; and then we went to the park and fed ducks before going home to mummy.
  2. daddy took me on my first movie date! i’m pretty sure i was crying in his lap, terrified of the evil stepmother in snow white.
  3. he sent me flowers at school for birthdays and valentine’s day.
  4. he laughs at and with me when one or both of us is acting dumb. (this happens alot)
  5. circa 8th grade, right after we moved back to the ‘burg …. we’re sitting in a chinese buffet place for sunday lunch.  they had crab legs, and for some inexplicable reason, he decided to do a puppet dance with the claw. he pulled the little tendon to make the claw open and close and sang “i ain’t got no bodyyyyyyy” much to my embarrassment.  two seconds later i was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face. mom was mortified at first but then she laughed too.
  6. dad is a tough act to follow …. he has romanced my mom in front of my sister and me our whole lives.  flowers, after-work smooches by the kitchen sink or stove, sappy cards, holding hands while they watch tv, ALWAYS opening the car door for her, etc.  i haven’t found a guy like that yet, and i won’t settle for less.
  7. daddy advantages.  when he took (takes, still …. but don’t tell mom!) sarah and i on errands with him, we always stopped someplace for a treat.  could be ice cream, could be doughnuts, could be a .50 cent pie at a gas station … we always called them ‘daddy advantages’ and they’re our little secret!
  8. i still have a very brief email from him that he sent me my freshman year of college.  its only a paragraph, and we had just gotten off the phone an hour earlier, but he sent me a written message to say that he was proud of me.  dad is a terrible typist- it had to have taken every bit of a half hour to type those 4 lines. but 9 years later, it still matters to me.
  9. my heart for ministry comes from my dad.  we have a shared experience- a bad one- that binds us in this.  when we were driving home from california in november of 2003, we talked about it, and god’s grace through it.  i’ve watched my dad wrestle with ministry and the heartache and joy that comes from a life that is devoted to serving- his example is one of the biggest reasons i still love ministry.
  10. my life is ‘soundtracked’ by my father’s voice: sometimes singing (death to kris kristofferson! long live neil diamond!), well make that often singing- sometimes nonsensical songs that we swore he made up, to oldies, to country.  other times, it is his voice that is the soundtrack- his encouragement, exhortation, discipline, laughter, and so much more that has shaped me into the woman i am today.

there are so many more reasons; if i were to write them all, it would take days, weeks even.  my memories of dad are many and rich- and there are more to be made!  some are distant- i can’t wait to introduce dad to the guy that i’ll marry; to have him walk me down the aisle and give me away; i can’t wait to present him with a grandchild- he’ll be such a great grandpa!; to go on family vacations with my parents when i have a family of my own.  he is my friend, cheerleader, wise counsel, and alot more. i’m incredibly thankful for his presence and influence!  even when he falls asleep on the couch 5 minutes into a movie and snores the rest of the way through it 😉

thanks, papa, for who you are, what you do. happy father’s day- i love you!

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  1. papa

    roses is red
    violets is blue
    thanks babe
    i’ll grt you

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