top 10 [episode 4]: things i LOVE about summer

i was babysitting tonight (7 kids under the age of 4 … if that’s not good birth control, i don’t know what is!) when it hit me: i actually do like some things about summer.  and since we’ve already reviewed the things i HATE about summer, so its time to check out the flip side of the coin.  so without further ado, the top 10 things i love about summertime:

  1. the smell of freshly cut grass. gap tried to make a perfume that captured the glory of this scent, but they failed dismally.  there’s just nothing on god’s green earth quite like it. (although i do adore the smell of a clean, flannel-wearing, bearded man.  but that’s another topic entirely.)
  2. one word: guacamole.  ok, two words: fresh guacamole.  wait, scratch that- three words: homemade, fresh guacamole.  sweet little eight pound baby jesus … i could eat that stuff everyday.  in fact, i bought some avocados yesterday that i’ve decided will be made into delicious homemade guac and be consumed with blue corn chips for lunch tomorrow. i’m drooling with anticipation 🙂
  3. sleeping with windows open.  i love going to bed warm and waking up in the middle of the night to pull the blankets up. just beautiful.
  4. the fact that it is completely acceptable to lay around on a lounge chair and read fiction for hours in order to get a tan. i realize this may not be as exciting to men, but we ladies love to bring out the tanning oil and a book whenever its sunny and we find ourselves with an hour to kill.
  5. flip-flops. all day, every day, with every outfit i own. thus the reason i own more pairs of flip-flops than i have fingers on my right hand. (in case you were wondering, i do have five fingers on my right hand, just like i’m supposed to. which means that yes, i do own more than five pairs of flip-flops.)
  6. freckles. i heart freckles.  the ones on my shoulders are popping out like crazy after spending two consecutive afternoons at the pool, and i couldn’t be happier 🙂
  7. fresh produce.  we’re talking farmer’s market paradise.  tomatoes, squash, zucchini, bell peppers … not to mention the fruit!  strawberries, peaches …. oh man. HEAVEN.
  8. the fact that its perfectly acceptable to eat cereal multiple times in one day ‘because its too hot to eat anything else.’  yeah, whatever validates the addiction to blueberry frosted mini-wheats ….
  9. not having to wear as much makeup.  not that i wear much anyway- usually just eyeliner and mascara- but when i’m tan i can get away with even less! sometimes none at all!
  10. and lastly, just the fact that time seems to move more slowly in the summer.  now, this could be attributed to the fact that i don’t take classes in the summer, or that my blood is replaced with southern, ‘church-lady’ sweet tea (which is so thick that it is nearly heart stopping), or any number of things … but i love the fact that i feel like i have more time on my hands in the summer.  more time to read (for pleasure! i had almost forgotten what that felt like), more time to linger over coffee with my girlfriends, more time for naps on those afternoons where its too hot to do anything else, more time to walk on blackwater creek trails …. just more time in general.  its a beautiful thing!

ok, so there you have my 10 things i love about summer … and by the by, if you’re looking for summer reading, here’s what’s on my list:

  • percy jackson and the olympians, book 5 ok, i love this series.  don’t judge me.  i’m reading the last one in snippets when i can steal away to barnes&noble for 20 minutes or so because i refuse to buy it til it comes out in paperback. and i just can’t wait those last few weeks.
  • donald miller’s a million miles in a thousand years.  again.  yes, its that good.
  • jamie langston turner’s some wildflower in my heart.  i normally don’t like christian fiction, but i really like turner’s books!  everything i’ve read, i’ve loved.  her characters are great, and the story lines are believable.
  • house rules by jodi picoult.  i can’t say enough good things about this woman’s books … she is one of those few authors that i’ll pre-order and not blink an eye.  i save my b&n coupons for her new releases!
  • the anne of green gables series.  classic.  and no one fully appreciates them in 7th grade … definitely worth a re-read.
  • speaking of series worth a re-read: the chronicles of narnia.  c.s.lewis is the freaking man.
  • i also love most books by kyle mills, at least the ones with mark beamon as the main protagonist. hysterical, entertaining, and great plots.

ok, now that i’ve given you enough books to last til 2013 (plus the links to buy them on amazon!), its bed time for this girl.  even though its summer, work still comes at the ungodly hour of 9am.

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  1. Martha

    After you finish reading Anne of Green Gables, we’ll have to have a girls night and watch it, since I have them all on DVD 🙂

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