top 10 [episode 3]:best salty snacks

since i’m currently eating pretzels and hummus, i thought it would be an excellent time to present episode 3 of the top 10 feature …. the top 10 best salty snacks!

  1. duh. honey wheat pretzel braids and roasted red pepper hummus.
  2. original pringles. keep it simple.
  3. blue corn chips and fresh garden salsa.
  4. blue corn chips and homemade guacamole. (are we sensing a theme here?)
  5. i love my fishes cause they’re so delicious!
  6. pistachios.
  7. no list would be complete without buttered popcorn.
  8. cheddar cheese pretzel combos. i bite into one  …. and immediately i’m a senior in high school again.
  9. speaking of cheese and pretzels- a hot soft pretzel with nacho cheese. football game, anyone?
  10. tomato and basil wheat thins. (keep some mints handy …. these things will give you the worst breath you’ve ever had … but they’re worth it!)

aaaannnnd a freebie …. this is hilarious.

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