top 10 [episode 2]: things i love about finals week

side note: does anyone really love finals week?  its bittersweet, really.  but here are the reasons that i, for one, like finals week.

  1. the fact that its ok to not dress up or wear makeup for at least 5 days in a row.
  2. the fact that no one judges you for wearing the same hoodie three days in a row.
  3. everyone wears their glasses instead of contacts … glasses are so cute and scholarly!
  4. you get away with drinking WAY more coffee than is socially acceptable.
  5. you get away with adding an extra doubleshot of espresso to every drink you order at starbucks.
  6. all the awkward “its the end of the year so i finally had the courage to ask you out” first dates going on around me right now.
  7. half-price smoothies at jazzmans all week!
  8. the fact that i go to a school where the chancellor pays for an ice cream truck to drive around and give out frozen treats all week.
  9. all the “i won’t see you for two and half months so let’s go get coffee/breakfast/lunch/dinner/ice cream dates” that happen in the last three days of the semester.
  10. farewell hugs that last longer than  allowed by the liberty way.

happy finals week everyone …. good luck! studying doesn’t hurt either …. and sometimes it even pays off 🙂 i’m super excited to walk this weekend- i finished my master’s in december so i get to participate in the commencement ceremonies this weekend.  its going to be a crowded mountain, that’s for sure … can’t wait for my party on friday night (who goes to baccalaureate?!?)  and then all the festivities on saturday.  my grandparents are coming in, and an assortment of family and friends.  good times are a-comin!

and here’s a random funny:

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