top 10 [episode 1]: things i hate about summer

today on my lunch break at work, i made a list of ‘top 10’ posts i could do … some serious, some stupid, and some just for kicks.  then i got in my car after work and thought of another one …. behold, the top 10 worst things about summer!

  1. melted chapstick in the car. the worst is when whole clumps come off on your lip. i was … unhappy.
  2. hot cars in general- especially if the car you’re getting into has vinyl or leather seats and you’re wearing a skirt of shorts.  OUCH.
  3. mosquitoes.  nothing else to say.
  4. except for mosquito BITES. and always in those hard to scratch places.
  5. gorgeous weather on days you’re stuck in the office.  and of course, it always rains on your days off. FAIL.
  6. allergies. and my body picked this year to develop pollen allergies.  thanks for that.
  7. humidity. yeah for living in the south! its great to be all showered and fresh, walk out of the house to walk to the car … and immediately need another shower.
  8. sand in the swimsuit.  let’s be honest … that’s on the top 10 most uncomfortable sensations on the planet.
  9. tan lines …. awkward ones that make wearing sundresses a real feat.
  10. and let’s not forget sunburn …. especially for those of us who are english-irish and super fair-skinned.

so what’d i miss?  agree? disagree? let’s hear it …. i’m going to try to post a new ‘top 10’ every week.  hopefully it will be a regular thursday feature!  (yeah, we’ll see how long that lasts …… haha)


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2 responses to “top 10 [episode 1]: things i hate about summer

  1. jonathan

    1. I’m a dude. Don’t use chapstick in the summer.
    2. My shorts and skirts cover my legs.
    3. Agreed.
    4. Agreed.
    5. I work in sports. I go to the baseball field on nice day. It’s great.
    6. Agreed. Completely.
    7. Hate it.
    8. Not a huge problem for me.
    9. Sundresses look good on me no matter what.
    10. They’re no fun.

  2. Paige McGann

    Have to agree especially with the sunburn! But…I will take summer over winter any day.

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