the rundown.

i’m terrible at this.

but here’s the rundown:

  • i went to nyc over the weekend (for spring break, grad student style). saw “memphis” on broadway- LOVED it! hung out with friends, walked all over manhattan, rode trains and a ferry boat, and took pictures.
  • my support is in for haiti!! god showed up big time- through friends and family.  i shouldn’t be surprised, but i’m blown away. thanks.
  • i’m three weeks behind on LOST. trying to change that.
  • i chopped off all my hair ….
  • i’ve been in betty crocker mode for several days now …. banana muffins, and bbq pizza w/caramelized onions, roasted tomatoes & pineapple are some of the goodies that have resulted.
  • i discovered illy coffee ….. and my life is changed forever. thank you, little cupcake, for making this happen.  i’m unbelievably grateful.
  • i haven’t read a book for fun in three weeks. but there is a stack of commentaries as tall as me waiting to be returned to the library ….
  • … because i was working on a project- i ended up with a 97 on it!!
  • its time to apartment hunt …. again. i hate moving.
  • i haven’t been to my local starbucks since last wednesday.  this feels wrong.
  • spring is here 🙂 i heart wearing sundresses and sandals!
  • dates for the haiti trip are quickly approaching …. we leave april 10 and come back april 17.  we’ll be doing a collection for school supplies and toys in the next two weeks (details to come.  we’ll be doing it through the church, but leave me a comment if you’re not around here and want to be involved).
  • i love sleeping. that is all.

goodnight world 🙂

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