big news, and cows.

i’ll get right to the point: i’m going to haiti next month.  me and 19 other people from brentwood church are leaving on april 9 to work with the awesome peeps at hosean international ministries in pignon (a bit north of port au prince).  i’m really excited about the group of people that are going, and about what we get to do.  we’re going to be adding to some new construction that will house refugees that have been displaced from their homes and have nothing to go back to.

things that are freaking me out:

  • i gotta raise $1500 before march 20.
  • i have to get a couple of shots. (ouch. and i am not a fan of needles.)
  • we’re not checking bags- so i have to fit everything in a backpack. if you’d asked me last week if i was high maintenance, i’d have said no.  but after mentally running through all the stuff i thought i’d want to take … i may have to change my answer.

i sent out 40 support letters today. i prayed over them as i wrote them, again as i stamped and stuffed them, and again as i dropped them in the mail and gave them over to the capable (?) hands of the US postal service.  i know the lord has me going on this trip for a reason- and what god wants, god gets.  and as my grandfather would say, “it’s not even a cow, sammie …. why fret about it?” (in reference to the money).   gramps was a wise one, so i’m taking his advice.  but i’m still asking you to give and to pray.  if you want to give and didn’t receive a support letter, leave a comment and i’ll get you details.  but prayer would be much appreciated- for funds, preparation, health, clarity, humility, and god’s favor as we travel and work.  thanks all …. i can’t wait to write the post where i get to tell you what we saw god do on this trip.

and no, YOU can’t call me sammie.

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