songs i can’t get out of my head, and 2009 in review

hello world, meet marc broussard. i’ve loved this guy’s music for several years now …. amazing voice, and catchy lyrics.  enjoy, and thank me later.

and this is sweet ernie halter ….. special thanks to my good buddy chad for introducing me to this amazing guy’s music. its been an affair to remember …. and his pandora station is pretty popular in my office.

and this ….. this is james morrison. there just aren’t words, except for his. so enjoy this, then go download every song of his you can get your grubby paws on. (same goes for the other guys!)

in other news, i’m officially an M.Div student now, which means that i am voluntarily working toward a second master’s degree. yikes. glutton for punishment much? 🙂 i’m supposed to be reading for my church history intensive next week, but you can see what i’ve been doing with my time this evening …. plus, the bourne supremacy is on TNT right now. yeah, not much is going to get done tonight.

so i may as well just rant a little about some things i’ve been thinking through lately (aren’t you glad you clicked the link to read this!??!).  the biggest thing on my mind the last week or so has been, of course, the new year and what i want/expect from it.  2009 was a GREAT year- i traveled more last year than i had in awhile, for starters. but i also experienced/did/saw god work in some amazing ways:

  1. did a 49 day liquid fast with my sweet friend julie (and survived!)
  2. got my heart stomped on a little bit, and also survived
  3. i attended my first (but definitely not last) seminary prom
  4. learned that i only have like 3 friends who can change a tire
  5. decided not to move to florida …. long story, but it was an act of God, and something i’ve been thankful for every day since april.
  6. got a great job- one that pays the bills, that i actually enjoy, and that benefits me AND other people.
  7. almost got arrested- got pulled over for expired tags only to find out that my license was suspended and my inspection was also out of date …. long, but funny story. i evidently didn’t blog about it, but ask me sometime of you really want to know.
  8. went on my first recruiting trip! jules and i totally pwned creation east in june.
  9. started and completed the last semester of my MAR
  10. faced the person responsible for what could honestly be labeled the most hurtful time in my life- and came out stronger on the other side, knowing with even more certainty who God is in me, and who he sees when he looks at me.
  11. hung out in VA Beach with some friends for fall break, and got totally addicted to criminal minds.
  12. went to NYC for the first time! also attended my first broadway show …. there will be more of those trips 🙂
  13. saw dave barnes in concert …. i’ve been to a couple of his shows, but this was the first legit concert of his i’ve attended.  and he remembered me!!
  14. got snowed in for three days in new towne …. our refugee camp had so much fun!! until i got a migraine- epic ending to my awesome six year puke-free streak.
  15. enjoyed two full paid weeks off work this year (divided between thanksgiving and new years). that has NEVER happened in the 8 years that i’ve been in the workplace.
  16. finished my first master’s degree! this from the girl who didn’t want to go to college …. further proof that the lord has a zany sense of humor.

i am beyond thankful for all of those things, and for the grace of God in my life that is evident in each of those events.  but they all lead me to the point i am at now: where do i go from here? i’ve been wrestling with a tension for the last month or so- a tension between contentment and holy discontent.  i am incredibly happy with my life (not to say there aren’t a few things i would  tweak!), but i am afraid of getting so comfortable that i stop looking for ways to serve.  i have a great job, and a great church, and great girls that i get to disciple- so its not as if i am not doing anything.  but i firmly believe that i am called to vocational ministry, and my soul is not totally at peace because i’m not doing that.  i know that i was supposed to stay here and not move to florida.  i know that i was supposed to finish the degree i was working on …. and it is done now. but what does that mean? for now it means that i continue taking classes toward an M.Div …. but do i finish it? my lease is up the end of may …. do i find another roommate and apartment here, or do i send out resumes and look for ministry jobs that could move me out of lynchburg? don’t get me wrong- i love lynchburg.  its home! my family has lived in this area for almost 15 years.  i would be content to settle down and raise a family here and stay forever, if that’s what the lord wants.  but i also have no problem moving away! how much classroom training do i need before i finally just have to break it in ‘on the field’? that’s my tension.  but i’m thankful to be wrestling with something …. the lack of tension would worry me.  the tension reminds me that God isn’t anywhere near finished with me, a fact for which i am immensely grateful. so i’ll take it- along with the satisfaction that mine is not a life unexamined.

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