happy christmas!

couple of things:

  • -its christmas! that alone is worth a blog post. the reality that is ’emmanuel’ is enough.
  • -sarah finished her undergrad degree!! no more school for j.lo 🙂 congrats, baby, i’m so proud of you!
  • -i finished my MAR. like whoa! and with a 3.5! i’m officially an MDiv student …. so only like 3 more years to go! sheesh.

among the awesome moments of this time with my family:

  1. i accidentally told mom what two of her presents were.
  2. “did you just call me bob?”
  3. dad’s two left feet- sarah got him slippers, really nice ones! unfortunately, she got two lefts. its been a constant source of amusement all day.
  4. i made up at word- procrapstination. its when you put crap off.

dad is snoring in the recliner, mom and sarah are watching ‘the road to el dorado’, and i’m tapping this out in between sips of eggnog. man i love christmas 🙂

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One response to “happy christmas!

  1. We had snow days for Christmas. Rewatching old Christmas shows all day – it was great.

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