snow day, part dos.

the snow continued …. another inch, perhaps.  i made snowcream, which was a first for most of the people in the house.  the brazilians had never had it before, and even julie had never tasted its goodness! but we each enjoyed a bowl of sweet snowy goodness before we ventured outdoors to try to unearth chris’ truck.  they boys borrowed shovels from neighbors and we went to work. ( i used my puny little ice scraper! but i helped!) we did manage to get the truck out, only to get stuck a few houses down in the slush.  thankfully a neighbor with 4wheel drive came along and towed us back to the original spot- chris decided he wasn’t going anywhere that day.

preston had been able to get out- his jeep has 4wheel drive- so he drove me over to the hotel to pick up my el salvadorians. (this is starting to sound like i collect hispanics. not the case …. but i do love them alot!) the hotel had shut down for break so there wasn’t food or anything …. poor girls were just stuck! but we got there without mishap and rescued them, then braved wal-mart (with everyone else in lynchburg who had managed to get out) to replenish the refugee camp’s supplies.  we trucked back to drew’s, then he and i made chicken tortilla soup from his sweet ma’s recipe.  good eats that night for sure!!

*this is where the story gets a little dicey- don’t say i didn’t warn you! (well, maybe i didn’t warn you …. but consider this me warning you.) about an hour after dinner i started to get a headache- i took some ibuprofen and drank a big glass of water and laid down on the floor to listen to the TV rather than watch it.  this made my tummy very unhappy- so much so, that about 10 minutes later, i lost what i thought was most of my dinner in the front bathroom of drew’s house. (turns out i was wrong about that ‘most of dinner’ thing … but we’ll get there soon enough.) i thought maybe the soup was just too spicy for me and that i would be fine after i got it out of my system, so we started playing ‘apples to apples’ and were having a pretty good time.  i was even winning!  but i wasn’t feeling any better so i called it a night, wrapped up, and hiked across the street to maria/julie’s to get some sleep …. only to be up every 2.5 hours to spend some quality time with the porcelain god in maria’s downstairs bathroom. 5 times in one night …. that was a definitive end to a six-year puke-free streak.  and while i know it was a migraine that made me sick, and not the soup; to say that i’ll probably never make or eat chicken tortilla soup is probably the understatement of the year (sorry ma miller).

my dad finally came over sunday afternoon and helped the guys dig my car out- i took the el salvadorians to my house, i showered, and we immediately left for DC so that they could make their monday morning flight.  i was pretty sure we were going to meet jesus that night (a few times!)- they simply didn’t plow sections of 29 between amherst and charlottesville. we decided to take the long way because the roads were more major … so it took about 5 hours, but we made it! we caught a few hours sleep at their cousin’s sweet little apartment before heading back out to the airport.  we got there in plenty of time for their flight, but they called me to say that it had been cancelled about 4o minutes after i dropped them off.  they were pretty sure they could get another flight within the day, so we opted for me not to come back.  after a four-hour drive home- the roads were alot better, but still not great- i called and they told me they couldn’t get a flight til thursday. sheesh. but they decided to just stay put at their cousin’s apartment- they have other friends in the dc area and there is plenty to do in that town!

carter came back from SC last night, and my roommates made it back safely from thailand as well!! i got to see them briefly before i headed over to carter’s for the night.  they are all here for at least a day before heading to see their families for christmas.  i’m so thankful for their safe arrival back and the things they got to do/people they got to meet this trip over.

christmas is in three days, and i have maybe a third of my shopping done.  this is the most behind i have ever been!! but between finals last week (and the one all-nighter and several near all-nighters i pulled) and getting snowed in over the weekend, not much was getting done. so i will just have to be one of those crazy souls out on christmas eve sucking retailer’s joy as i shop last minute.  but i am super excited to get a few days of unadulterated, uninterrupted time with my family!! the plan is to nap on couches, watch the movies we get each other for christmas, talk alot, play mexican train dominoes, watch football, eat green eggs and ham (and lots of other yummies) and just celebrate the season of christ’s birth, with all its implications.  i love being the one who reads the christmas story every year- its one of my favorite things about our family christmas traditions!

but i still have one more paper to finish before i am allowed to have fun- the last paper of my MAR!! i will officially be a seminary graduate in a few days!! but then i am trucking right on through another one … what am i thinking?!?!

last thought: enjoy this song.  its been in my head the last few days, and i love it!. (the video isn’t great, but the song is worth it.)

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