snow day!

yes, kids ….. snow has come to the burg. a whopping 14 inches. that is over 1/5 of my height.

it started snowing yesterday around 3pm- a little late, according to the weathermen.  but it snowed! so take that, all you nay-sayers. and yes, if we were in a more northern state, this would be minor.  but this is virginia, people! we’re terrible drivers anyways, and when you throw snow into the mix, we’re a helpless bunch.

several of us had plans to make scrumptious dinner goodness at maria’s …. patrick and i were doing things iron chef style.  so we braved kroger during a snow storm (along with half of lynchburg).  it took 40 minutes to go the 3ish miles from kroger to maria’s house …. at a swift 20mph.  slow down there, partner!! but we made it without mishap, and the cooking ensued.  we made yummy breakfast burritos and hashbrown casserole and ate like little piggies.  about a million rounds of catchphrase later, we realized that we weren’t going anywhere, so the boys traipsed a few houses down to drew’s house and the girls pwned maria’s couches.

come this morning, we all hopped through the snow down to drew’s and made snow day breakfast!! pancakes, bacon, eggs, and leftover hashbrown casserole ….. and lots and lots of coffee. we’re currently all crashing in the living room watching ABC Family- home alone 2 just went off, and happy feet just came on.  i’m researching for my last paper of my first masters degree, i’m warm, and i’m with some of my favorite people. it doesn’t get alot better than this.

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