some days, only ice cream fixes the problem.

[found this draft from the beginning of the summer … enjoy. these events occurred between the dates of friday, may 29 and tuesday, june 2.]

so i had to laugh … but only after i almost cried.  and i’ll confess, a curse word did cross my lips.  its been an interesting couple of days.

i moved into my new house over the weekend- so friday, dad loaded the armoire into his SUV and we were going to unpack it that morning.  instead, i get a phone call that he got hurt at work and on his way to the ER.  yikes.  so i head down to the hospital, find out that dad had hurt his hand (praise the lord- its not terribly serious. 20 stitches later, he’s fine), go to work, and make plans to unload the truck that night with my sister.  thankfully, the jack bauer of LBTS (aka juan) was available that night to help unload the armoire … cause let’s be honest, if sarah and i had moved it ourselves, someone would probably have lost an arm.  or a leg.  or maybe one of each.  but this still left dad’s car in town … we needed to get it back to their house 20 min away.

saturday was out … i worked at a yard sale helping a friend then worked a 9 hour shift at work, then moved the rest of my stuff from the old house to the new house.

sunday didn’t work out schedule-wise to take the car to my parents- we had to find a time where sarah could bring me back in and drop me off.  monday we had plans to fix this little problem, only to discover that the keys were in sarah’s car.  great.  so scratch that idea …

then i get a phone call- a friend found mold growing in her apartment and needed to stay somewhere else for a few nights.  hey, we have six couches, come stay here!  the more the merrier!! (i’m serious- we love having people over!) my OCD nature was causing me to twitch every time i walked out of my room- the rest of the house wasn’t unpacked yet.  but sometimes, you gotta just put on your big girl panties and deal with it … so i just pretended it was all unpacked and that i wasn’t tripping on boxes every time i turned around.

tuesday=probably one of the hottest days in lynchburg. taking the car back was not going to work- i had two meetings that night during the only free time my sister would have.  then she calls me … she has a flat tire. awesome. i pick her up and take her to work, planning to drive dad’s car to starbucks for my meetings and have sarah pick it up there after work (a block from where she works) and i would just stay all evening and ride home with my roommate (who works there-yay free drinks- and was closing).  i also, like the amazing big sister that i am, was going to take care of getting her tire changed.  (what i didn’t count on is that 99% of my guy friends are musicians, and therefore evidently incapable of changing a tire. not that i’m saying no musician is capable of changing a tire. just these musicians.)

i run home to switch vehicles, only to realize that dad’s car is out of gas. nice. get back in my car with gas can, drive to gas station. drive home. put gas in dad’s car. drive to starbucks.

after one meeting, about a dozen phone calls and a few mishaps later, i find someone to change the tire. only to find that sarah’s jack is broken. call more friends, finally get jack, finally change tire. 6 hours later. holy cow. epic.

the rest of the week progressed fairly normally … then sunday came. and it was my turn for a flat tire. thankfully a couple from my church was behind me, actually saw the tire go flat, and stopped to change it for me. bless them!! dad gets me a new tire, but can’t put it on b/c of his stitches. so once again, jack bauer (aka juan) saves the day and changes the tire.


things i realized: i depend on my dad alot more than i thought. my sister is seriously my best friend. as one writer put it: ‘is solace anywhere more comforting than that in the arms of a sister?’ well said alice walker, well said. i tend to be quietly desperate rather than obviously freaking out- i hate asking people to help me with big things.  and ice cream and/or coffee make most things all better.

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