i should be reading right now …

… but i’m not. i’m taking a break because my head is starting to hurt.

so i decided to take a moment to list off some things that have made me happy and blessed me lately.

1. the roomies are back from thailand! they arrived back on thursday night and its been so good to have the house full again and hear stories of how the lord worked in and through them as they ministered alongside the ladies at beginnings.

2. i ate chipotle yesterday. enough said ūüôā but to top that off, i did it with two awesome friends … and we had gelato afterwards. ¬†totally worth the 75 minute drive. ¬†then we watched jericho … if you haven’t seen that show, you’re missing out. seriously.

3. i love my job. ¬†and the guys i work with. (and by guys, i mean guys. i’m the only girl in my office. sometimes the testosterone level really gets to me and i just have to walk away … happens once a day at least.) ¬†where else would i get to get paid to listen to pandora, spend endless hours updating mind-boggling amounts of information, and do my homework?

4. i have awesome friends. you have no idea.

[side note: and there’s a vacuum cleaner running in the office next door that sounds like it sucked up a couple hundred staples … and then ate a fuzzball. ¬†it should stop immediately.]

other points of interest: today is the day i start running again. ¬†or at least trying to run again. ¬†i used to do 3ish miles a day when i was at wolbi, and i loved it! i loved the actual act of running, i loved the way it made me feel, i loved everything about it. ¬†but that was a long time ago, so this is going to take some serious work. ¬†luckily for me, i have an awesome friend rachel, who is going to kick my butt … i mean, encourage me to run … and go with me every day. ¬†i also have a gorgeous place to do this! we’ve been doing a couple of miles walking on blackwater creek a few times a week, so we’re going to pick it up a bit. ¬†more, faster. ¬†i’m probably going to die.

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