some days i let myself get discouraged, and i get into funks. sometimes the funks are intense, or sometimes a little patience, a joke, and a hug from a friend can snap me right out of it.  and then there are days when the lord is so good to me that i can’t hardly stand it.  don’t misunderstand me: the lord is ALWAYS good. i could tell you stories … many, many stories.

but today was one of those days where he has been so good to me that its almost hard to bear.  the day started … interestingly.  my work computer decided to hate me, so i spend 51 minutes and 32 seconds on the phone with a really nice guy from the IT helpdesk … only to have him have to submit a help ticket that probably won’t get fixed until wednesday.  then i realized that i needed to re-learn and use a program that i don’t like.  ew.  enter friend who had to teach me how to use said program.  i wasn’t terribly happy about this situation, but because my friend was patient and awesome, i survived.  this same friend also put a new tire on my car this afternoon … oh yeah, i had a flat yesterday. but god was good, and a family from my church was behind me! which provided a sweet person to change the tire instead of leaving me at the mercy that is the sketchiness of lynchburg on a sunday morning.  so yeah, new tire. dad couldn’t change it because he got the stitches out of his hand today from that little incident a few weeks ago.

then tonight i had a cereal date with my dear friend maria.  we brought boxes of cereal and bottles of milk to starbucks and ate together.  then proceeded to talk for the next three hours solid about our mutual passion to see the women of our church get plugged in and teach them to study the word and pass it on to other women.  and to round out the day, i got paid … i’ve had .84 in the bank for about a week and a half now, and the relief of opening that paycheck and depositing it was enormous.  the lord is so faithful to me!! so i went grocery shopping 🙂 fresh veggies, fruits, and yummies … oh hallelujah.

so the list goes something like this:

todd changing my tire. good talks. watching lion king and singing all the songs. patient friends. juan changing my tire. dad getting stitches out. getting paid. cereal dates. heart to hearts with mia. honesty from jules. fresh guacamole. watching toy story.

and those things are the tip of the iceberg. so i had to throw away the stereotype of mondays and i can’t help but be blessed by the sheer goodness of the lord.

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