things i think about sometimes.

why do dogs turn around in circles 3 or 4 times before they lie down?

why is it ‘duck, duck, goose’ and not ‘tiger, tiger, cheetah’? or something else along that line.  i mean, there are lots of animals that could fit here.

why in the heck did god create mosquitoes?

will i ever feel like a grown up?

why, oh why do i wake up with stupid theme songs in my head?

why is my dog cleaning herself like a cat?

who picks the street names in this town? for that matter, who plotted the streets in this town? this is the only place i know where you can be going east, north, and south at the same time. and you can go north or south and come out downtown. what?!

why have i not seen dumb and dumber yet?

how did someone get the idea to grind and run water through coffee beans? (i’m pretty sure that was a god moment … bless them.  bless them alot.)

why is chapstick addictive?

who names the colors of crayons in the crayola box?

how do giraffes sleep standing up? do their necks hurt?

does anything i’m doing right now matter in the kingdom? or am i just shooting the breeze and talking alot?

will this ever go anywhere?

why does elmer’s school glue work better on wood than wood glue?

am i worth it?

what lies in the shadow of the statue? (yes, that was a LOST reference.)

who killed jfk?

yes, i’m random.  yes, i’m a nerd. love me anyways.

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One response to “things i think about sometimes.

  1. Kate

    One time (at youth group!) we played Slytherin, Slytherin, Gryffindor.
    carry on

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