julie got her bands off this morning … so … (drumroll please!) … I CAN EAT SOLID FOOD!


what should i eat first?! i have to go to work in two hours, then the plan is to eat yummy bbq chicken tonight with a couple of my roommates.  as in grilled, slathered in secret-ingredient-award -winning-family recipe sauce.  my eyeballs are rolling back into my head just thinking about it.

so yeah.

and, my sweet friend maria (also known around these parts as squeaks) is leaving for kenya this afternoon.  she’ll be gone for the next two weeks, with some other peeps from LU, and they will be doing LOTS of public speaking! please please please pray for her specifically and the team: that god will use them in huge and unexpected ways; that his name will be famous in kenya; that the young people they are speaking to will be fertile ground and that the seed of the gospel takes toot in them.  maria is so excited to go … she was glowing yesterday morning as we talked about it over coffee after church.  i’m so excited to see how god works in and through her on this trip!! i love this girl so much … she has become one of my dearest friends this year.  so join me in praying for big things on this trip.

and another note: chip and brittni made it down to jupiter! they are getting settled in their new place and britt is getting ready to start her internship.  chip is looking for work, and they are hitting the ground running with their god-given and god-sized dreams for discover church.  keep praying for them too!! i’m stoked to see the ways in which god will show himself mighty and faithful to them.

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  1. yay! solid food! i new you would graduate from gerbers one of these days. lol. be careful with the re-integration, can play havoc on your system…what would i eat…

    jupiter…spring training baseball…yeah one of the reasons i miss florida.

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