and just so everyone’s aware: i really am not mad about the ‘rude lady’ anymore … i was done being angry about 10 seconds after she left.  but it really does bother me that we (yes we … all of us- me and you included!) treat people as if they owe us something.

that’s all.

its a beautiful night: the puppy is sleeping at the foot of my bed; there’s a light show and symphony going on outside my window; i got to spend the evening with one of my best friends, celebrating her birthday; and tomorrow i get to go to church.  life is sweet and god is good.

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  1. Lindsey Lou Who

    Little Baby Sammy Doodle…How I miss thee. I discovered your blog the other day and since I can read your blog at WORK, rest assured I will be a faithful follower from here on out.

    It seems as though many things have happened since we last talked! You have a puppy?! You haven’t eaten solid food in months?! You had a rude lady at B, B, and B?! Goodnes Gracious, we need to keep in touch. I miss your little sammy doodle face!

    I heart you!

    PS…if I was there in the ‘Burg I would make you something SUPER delicious since you can eat real food now.

    PPS…I also think it is incredible (and totally IN character for you) that you would not eat food to support your friend. Awesome. This is why I love you (among other reasons, of course.)

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