on a side note: i’m on day 16 of the liquid-ness.  doing great, for those who are wondering and/or praying.  tobey lent me an awesome blender, so i didn’t miss a day of smoothie deliciousness.  (what a godsend!! thanks tobey 🙂 )

julie and bliss are also doing really well with it; we’re doing our best to encourage each other with this and i’m loving the effects.

another side note: chip had mentioned to be a few weeks ago about some friends of his who will be helping out with the launch of discover church- they were looking for a way to help out and be a blessing, and thanks be to god … i get to be the recipient of that.  i spoke with them on the phone last night, and they’ve offered me free housing.  whoa.

moments like these, and many more, make me glad that god loves me and is on my side.  i get so excited when i get to see him act on my behalf like this!! he is so good to me.

things i’m thankful for today:

housing in florida. love and god not playing fair. milkshakes with janette. the gathering. getting a 91 on my genesis test. carter coming to town tonight. mar-squeak-o. being resurrected.

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  1. Justin

    This is all great to hear. Pretty hard not to be excited about smoothies, free housing, and God 🙂

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