day 4

its the end of day 4.

i’ve had a delicious fruit smoothie for breakfast every day so far, a chocolate instant breakfast for lunch, imbibed gallons of water, rediscovered a love for tomato soup, remembered that egg drop soup is a liquid, and found out that vanilla slimfast tastes like cake in a cup.  things are going pretty well so far, all things considered.  yesterday was when things started to get a little rough- my head hurts because i haven’t been drinking as much coffee as i normally do.  but its forcing me to pray more (even if its just for willpower to bite my tongue and not let my crankiness get the best of me!).  and not having to eat breakfast or cook dinner has given me more time to read.  i’ve gotten thru twice as much of ‘in a pit with a lion on a snowy day’ as i did last week- and i’m loving it!!

the chapter i just finished was talking about guaranteed uncertainty.  we never know what is going to happen in a day- or an hour, for that matter.  and if you’re anything like me, this drives you insane sometimes.  i am organized, a planner, and a to-do list kind of girl.  don’t get me wrong, i love spontaneous-ness!  but only on my day off, and only if it doesn’t conflict with what i already have going on.  (wow, this makes me sound like a no-fun person. boo.)  but what the author of this book is talking about is embracing uncertainty.  check this out:

faith is embracing the uncertainties of life.  it is chasing the lions that cross our paths.  it is recognizing a divine appointment when you see one.  embrace relational uncertainty.  its called romance.  embrace spiritual uncertainty.  its called mystery.  embrace occupational uncertainty.  its called destiny.  embrace emotional uncertainty.  its called joy.  embrace intellectual uncertainty.  its called revelation.’

i was also struck by this statement: no problem equals no miracle. jesus didn’t heal people who weren’t sick, he didn’t feed people who weren’t hungry.  he stepped in a performed miracles when there was a problem and a need.  the wedding at cana? no more wine … so jesus changes the molecular structure of water and turns it into wine.  the healing of the lepers? a life threatening illness, so jesus heals them.  the feeding of the 5000? no food … so jesus miraculously multiplies 2 small fish and 5 biscuits.  and has leftovers.  thats my kind of god!!  and he is my god.  he is the one who loves to rise to what we think of as challenges and prove himself mighty in our eyes.  no problem, no miracle.  well, problems we got!! our god responds to desperation and acts on our behalf when there is no one else to rescue us.

my problem? at the moment, it is that my blender went kaput tonight.  there’s a rather large crack in the base, which means that anything i put in the pitcher goes gushing out onto the counter.  duct tape will not fix this.  and i cannot make smoothies without a blender.  and since thats about all the sustenance and nutrition i’m getting right now, i’d say that its important.  and i don’t have the $30 or so bucks to go get a new one.  so my problem is that i need a blender to borrow til this liquid-ness is over.  my miracle- that the lord moves someone to let me borrow a blender or gives me the money for a new one.

anyway- thanks for caring about how the fast is going, and thanks for reading my ramblings.  my roommate just got home, so we are going to catch up on LOST and then i’m heading to bed.  i can’t wait for brentwood church in the morning!!

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  1. i’ll keep my ear to the ground on the blender. we don’t have one. great book you are reading there. one of my favs. hope the rest of the fast goes well. will stay tuned.

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