liquid fast

well kids, tonight is the last night i’ll be eating solid food for the next six weeks.

to some of you, this is news.  some of you know about this and have known for awhile. here’s the scoop: my dear dear friend julie is having jaw surgery tomorrow morning (please pray!) and will have her jaw wired shut for six weeks whilst it heals.  so she can only eat whatever she can get through a straw. yikes. so i decided to do this whole liquid thing with her, and another good friend decided to jump on the bandwagon … so now there are three of us.  i bought a ton of frozen fruit, some yogurt, a couple kinds of juice, and some instant breakfast, so i am ready for this! i spent an hour last night portioning out fruit into smoothie bags, so that all i have to do is dump the pre-portioned fruit, some juice, and some yogurt into the blender and hit the button.

i can still have coffee, so as if my addiction wasn’t bad enough already … um, yeah. and i’m pretty sure smoothie king will be my new best friend.  i don’t normally go there cause its like $6 for a SMALL … (where’s jamba juice when i need it?!) but since i’m not having to spend $$ on groceries, it will even out.  between all the fruit and stuff, and the occasional chick-fil-a milkshake, i’ll survive 🙂

while this didn’t start out as a spiritual fast, its developed into that.  i’m excited about pushing myself to depend more on the lord for my daily strength, and i have already prayed more in the last few days in preparation for this than i have in the last two weeks. (sad but true!) i am confident that the lord will do big things in my life (and my friend’s lives!) as this progresses.  i’m setting up a reading plan for the next six weeks and i can’t wait for the deeper fellowship that will come as we are hungry together.  i’m praying that my hunger for food will be replaced with a hunger to study deeper and longer, and a hunger to reach palm beach.  i’m hungry for clear direction, for change, and for a stronger presence of the spirit in me.

prayers are appreciated! i’m going to try to write regularly about this fast and what its teaching me.  in the meantime tonight, my roommates and i are pigging out so that i don’t have any food left in the house.  woohoo!


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4 responses to “liquid fast

  1. will be praying for you as it will probably be a very enlightening time. i will make fun of you if you gurgle in church though.

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  3. Will be praying for you! I’m excited to read how things go over the next 6 weeks!

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