thanksgiving (originally posted 11/26/08)

tomorrow is thanksgiving. already. whoa.

i was driving a friend home last night, and even though the conversation wasn’t about things that we were thankful for, the topics we discussed directed my thinking along that vein. so here’s part of the list:
my mom. we argue sometimes, we rarely see eye to eye, but i know her heart, and i love it. she is an amazing example to me of how to be a godly wife and a loving mother.
my dad. i’m a daddy’s girl to the core- he gets me like few other people. we laugh all the time, and he is one of the wisest men i know. he shows me daily qualities that i desire in a mate and makes me want to be a better person.
my sister. there aren’t words to say how much she means to me . . . she is my best friend, my soulmate, and so much more. binky and j.lo- anyone who knows us well knows there is nothing more to be said 🙂
my extended family on both sides. i have two sets of grandparents who raised their children to love, fear, and serve the lord- and those children have raised me in the same manner. even though i’m not close to them, i realize the heritage that is mine, and i know i am blessed.
my salvation. no one knows more or better than jesus christ how much of a wretch i really am- and in spite of that, he chose to be born a man, live perfectly, and give his life to assuage the wrath of god for my sins. he has adopted me, making me a daughter of creator god, and has sealed me with his spirit. he has called me and given my life purpose. he speaks to me, heals my heart’s wounds, and loves me with a perfect, everlasting, unchanging love.
brentwood church. there’s alot i could say about this, but i’m thankful for the staff and pastors who i love and m privileged to call friends. it is such a joy to be a part of this body of christ that preaches the word of god without apology and that is passionate to make the name and goodness of god known in this world. the fact that i get to serve there is amazing to me.
school. i’ve been in christian schools my entire life- and although that frustrates me at times, i am thankful that i have been surrounded and saturated by the word of god my entire life. i’ve earned a bachelor’s degree and am halfway through a master’s degree- and most of it has been free. it doesn’t get much better than being able to equip yourself to do the work and calling of god for free.
my health. i usually get a cold once of twice a year, and if i’m not careful about my caffeine intake, i am prone to migraines. but i have not thrown up since october of ’03, and i haven’t been sick enough to go to the doctor since the nurse at wol island made me go summer of ’02. keep in mind that i haven’t had health insurance in 5 years.
my friends!! oh, my friends. i have always been blessed by good friends. but this is the first time i have ever had a group of friends like the ones i have now. i’ve had so much fun the last several months, and have seen the goodness of god through this community of friends. there have been completely pointless conversations where we laughed until someone nearly peed their pants; there have been serious conversations where tears have been wiped away; there have been deep conversations where we’ve just held one another; and in all of it, there has been joy and family. lesley, chad, brittany, josh, aaron, beth, lyndsey, and so many more. i’m so thankful for each one of you, and the unique relationship that we have. bless the lord for putting us in this season of life together!

all of this to say: i know that i am blessed. this does not mean that i don’t stress out about anything- i am stressing right now!! i am short on rent and bill money this month, and i’m looking for a different job. my car is making a funny little noise when it idles sometimes, and it needs an oil change. there are many things that i am unsure of right now- but i know these things: the creator of the universe and the savior of the world loves me, and he is good. he has given me the gifts of family and friends to walk through life with. and that is enough.

be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known unto god.

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