mo money, mo problems … no money, yeah, still mo problems (originally posted 3/10/09)

so i’m sitting here in sunny jupiter, florida (yay!) thinking about money (boo.) i’ve really enjoyed everything so far- brittni’s parents have been beyond generous, opening their home, and footing the bill for groceries … we’ve been to the beach twice, driven around to see some places in the county, and basically just chilled. its been glorious 🙂 but we’ve also been looking at apartments, talking about jobs, and all this has me checking prices on stuff and pulling out the calculator. and wanting to cry. here’s the rundown:

just to move, i’ll need at least:
3000 getting set up in an apartment (this assumes that i’ll have a 1 bed, 1 bath to myself.)
800 for the moving truck and towing my car down
150 gas for that trip
800 for utility deposits
150 to fly dad home after the move (or whoever … and that much again per person whoever else comes)

grand total: $4900. all at once. thats assuming that i drive straight thru or stay with a friend and not in a hotel.

once i arrive here, i’ll be looking at about
1000 for rent each month, about
200 for utilities, and about
200 for groceries.
70 for gas
300 for student loan payments (oh joy)
grand total: 1770 in addition to …

my current bills: (other than rent/house bills)
50 for gas,
70 for credit cards (i’d love to pay more than that if possible!),
100 for groceries
75 for car insurance (or 450 ish every 6 months)
grand total: 295

minus the duplicates, in addition to the hikes of living alone:
about 2050 per month going out. yikes.

which means that i
a) need to find a roommate!
b) need to find a job where i’ll have benefits and bring home at least 2200 per month. i’d love to make 3000 per month so that i can save some and have at least a little discretionary income.

and did i mention that i have a full semester of school left after this one?

remember that whole “asking big things of god” thing i talked about last time? yeah, this is where it starts.

god, i’m asking you for alot … at least it seems that way to me. it means that i have alot of work to do in the coming months. about school: i’ve got 11 credits left. if i take them over the summer, awesome! but i’ll need that scholarship-ed, whether i do the classes residentially or distance learning. i have a residential scholarship as long as i need it; do i stay here thru the end of the year and pay out less to save for the move? if i move in august and can’t take the classes over the summer, i’ll need a scholarship for those classes- so basically i’m asking for a way to take those classes for free.
lord, i’d love to have two friends move down with me. they don’t have to be involved with the church plant team, just people that i love, that love me that can share an apartment with me. this will help be a support system as well as reduce my bills 🙂 and lord, i need a job. a good one, a grown up one, with benefits. and i’m asking even bigger: i would love to have a job that i actually enjoyed. i’d love something that let me meet alot of people, fill a desperate need, and that gave me the kinds of hours that would be best for preparing for this church plant.
and even before i get here, i need a place to live for the summer. and a better job for while i’m at home. and while you’re at it, would you mind bringing me a sugar daddy? 🙂 just kidding … well, maybe.
father god, these are big things for me … but they are small things for you. you’re good, you love me (and you even like me!), and you’ve called me here and brought me this far. help me to trust you, to work hard, and to be open to your work in me. enlarge my view of you as you do what you do. all you do and all you are is so much more than enough- you’re bigger than even my biggest dreams, and you delight in me as your child. keep reminding me of that, and keep moving me to you. every promise you’ve ever made, you’ve kept. you’re a trustworthy god. you’re the faithful, the everlasting, the one who sees me, the gracious, the god of my life and my salvation, and you’re god with me. i praise you, and i thank you for what you have done … and what you’ll do and are doing. you’ve started a work, and you’re faithful to complete it. i’m clinging to that! you’re god, you love me, and you’re good. good facts to know in the midst of my uncertainty.

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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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