i think i peed a little (originally posted 2/28/09)

ever get so excited or laugh so hard that you pee just a little in your pants?
yeah, me neither. (just kidding!)

things i’m getting stoked about:
my small group! we started a new topic about four weeks ago, talking about women in scripture. i taught genesis 1-2 one week, and genesis 3 the next week. my co-leader taught about sarah last week, and monday i am teaching about rebekah. the first couple chapters of genesis are amazing! reading about the creation of woman lights a fire in me- something was not good without us! so we were made from man (the only created thing to not come directly from dirt), from his rib, and THEN god said that it was good. think about the significance of the rib- what function does the rib play in the skeleton? it protects the heart and other vital organs, adds structure, etc. women are awesome! we’re also a pain in the butt . . . more about that later.

discover church- we’re officially a corporation now!! we got the articles of incorporation back, approved . . . so we are a legit business in the state of florida now! and we just got word last week that we have the backing and financial support of trbc. there’s also some other individuals who are now tithing to discover church! the relationships that are being built among the team are such a blessing. we’re studying the early church and its development. reading acts is like reading an action thriller- high speed chases, healings, stonings, strange dreams, speaking foreign languages, and unexplainable phenomenons. holy crap. and to top it off, we’re leaving for palm beach county this coming friday for a week. its spring break!! beaching it up, getting a tan, hanging out with friends, checking out possible sites for the church to meet, and seeing the place we’re going to carry out god’s dream for the people of this county. i’m getting psyched up just thinking about it!

LOST. let’s be honest, its the best show ever. i’m not keeping up with 24 this season, i’m going to watch it when it comes out on dvd. but i watch lost online with my roommate gracie- and we always end up in a love/hate state of affairs with the way an episode ends. genius, i’m telling you!!

maria. julie. nick. mandy. bliss. chip. brittni. stephanie. benj. seth. ryan. lesley. brittany. gracie. chad. lyndsey. josh. martha. and so many more. good conversations, encouragements, learning together what the lord has for us as individuals.

the past.
some things just suck. there are things i’ve gone through that i would rather not talk about, much less repeat- thank you very much. but even though some things just suck, i have come to realize that i wouldn’t be who or where i am today without those things having happened. i wouldn’t have gone back to school … i wouldn’t have started seminary … i wouldn’t have met those people … i wouldn’t have known about this church … i wouldn’t be going to florida … and the list goes on. i’m so incredibly thankful that god knows what he’s up to, and that he has a role for me, and that he makes it happen. if i had my way, none of this would have happened- i’d probably still be crying about that guy and working a job that made me want to poke out my eyes and cut off my ears. yep, he’s alot smarter than me . . . and he loves me too much to let me just wallow in my human-ness and be stuck living out the plans i’d made for myself. hallelujah!

this time next week, i’ll be in jupiter, florida. (insert excited squeal here)
me, jesus, the beach, coffee, and friends. all putting feet to a vision and a dream. it doesn’t get better

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